Yummy Update


Happy June! That photo was taken while enjoying the sunshine in Vancouver. The last few weeks have been crazy as my school term is finishing up and my exam approaches. I know I’ll be studying for 10 more days, and just wanted to leave a quick message about why my blog posts have been dwindling down. It’s not that I haven’t been cooking. In fact, I’ve been dying to cook and bake, but I’m trying to prioritize.

Went crabbing and found this guy.

But I haven’t been all books and calculators. I managed to find some time to go crabbing with some friends and brought this delicious crab home. He was feisty and would not let go of my tongs! I’ll be honest, it was my first time cooking crab and I thought I would be more emotional. The thought of boiling a living thing made me cringe before. It was not that bad and there were no tears. Also, there was no crab screaming. Why did someone tell me that crabs screamed??

I also started reading this book because I needed a break from textbooks and got so addicted. I ended up ignoring my studies because I just had to finish it. (Oops.)  It’s a New York Times Bestseller love story. I feel a bit dorky talking about romance novels because I feel like a lot of them can be shallow or repetitive, which is why I usually avoid them. But this one had gotten a great review on GoodReads, so I ended up trying it and really enjoyed it. It was more heartfelt than expected and the characters were real, interesting and had depth. I would definitely recommend it!

So that ends my little update. I’ll see you all in about two weeks!

Lemon Cupcakes


Lately at work, I’ve been having cravings for cake, lemon and cream cheese frosting. So I thought I’d combine all of it into one delicious cupcake. The cupcake is light and tender. The frosting is bright from the lemon, and creamy from the cream cheese. Once frosted, it looks fancy and elegant enough for a tea party.


Hawaiian Fried Rice

hawaiian-fried-riceMy favorite pizza is a Hawaiian pizza, and when I thought of making a hawaiian style fried rice, the idea seemed so logical. The sweet, warm pineapple mixed well with the salty, savory ham. Growing up, I’ve had lots of fried rice. Sometimes it can get a little monotonous. But the addition of pineapple really makes this one special.


Cranberry Balsamic Pork Tenderloin


This meal earns its place in my “favorites” category. And with good reason too. The sauce is sweet from the cranberry sauce, has depth from the balsamic vinegar and a hint of piney flavor from the rosemary. I’m a sucker for savory foods with a bit of sweet mixed in, so this was right up my alley and I ended up making it a few times in the last week.


Egg Custard Tarts


This is a special recipe in our home. Chinese egg custard tarts, also known as Dan Tat, are Elliot’s favorite. He has to order them every time we go to dim sum and every time we pass by a Chinese bakery shop.

I love this recipe’s tart much more than than the restaurant or store bought version because the custard is slightly sweeter and I prefer the cookie-style crust as opposed to the flaky, oily, pastry crust version. Elliot agrees that this is one of the best Dan Tat that he’s ever had.


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